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Yuecen Ricky Cai - Fashion Designer/Bespoke Hand Tailor


I have always been seeking the absence of the presence of home, a place with memories, stories, and jazz. There is life in each thread, as I am essaying, I am telling a story through collected vintage fabrics of Shanghai, where I held my childhood memories in my grandparent's tiny apartment. 

Everything just seems so much easier in Shanghai, as if it doesn’t feel right to sit down and write about myself in my little apartment where the sun doesn’t travel through the sirens and crumbling rages along the trash-bagged sidewalk to my room. I am back in my childhood home, sitting on my wooden computer table without a laptop I used to dream about at night, staring at my MacBook and letting my thoughts lead my fingers. How free! I would think to look out my windows in front of me, into that granite playground I used to escape from my homework and parents, while my fingers danced through the key like a jazz pianist. Am I Bill? It just came across my mind.


The loneliness I feel towards Shanghai isn’t her fault. I love distance among things, the negative space between objects and people isn’t always negative. If a baby bird comes too close, I will shed my petals from its frolic, until there isn’t me anymore. But my charm isn’t fake; I stand there with all I can offer. My white petals always make birds visit; my violet tips decorate the surrounding. I embrace the space around me, but I reject it to be as one. This makes me a visitor, a traveler, a lover, but not an explorer, a discoverer, a destroyer.

A lover. A cooperator. A romantic showman. I am far from a jazz musician, but I live by a jazz artist. A lover. A visitor. An observer. Now I can finally get to know her, slowly keeping up behind her low back navy dress, walking along with the mosaic buildings.

Yuecen Cai is a fashion designer and bespoke tailor who currently resides in New York City. He has created an identifiable Shanghainese story in the romantic postmodern cultural context through the cut, hand craftsmanship, and postures that come with wearing. Mr. Cai has a wide range of clients, including Keiko Aono, the founder, and CEO of the prestigious Japanese Gallery Ippodo Gallery; Eric Hu, former creative director of Nike and SSENSE; Matthew Tsang, the creative director of David Zwirner Galleries; to name a few. His work has been recognized and awarded IDA 2021 Honorable Mention for the collection “Things such Remain,” and he was selected as a finalist of the Joe’s BlackBook Scholarship in 2020.




Bode – Head Tailor

New York, United States

• Conduct private consultations with the Tailor Shop’s distinguished clientele

• Take measurements, select fabrics, execute the final pieces

• Maintained open communication with clients’ personal stylists

• Lead final private suiting, inspect, and prepare the pieces for the final delivery

• List of clients: Actor Aziz Ansari, New Orleans Pelicans NBA player Zion Williamson, Los Angeles Lakers NBA player Anthony Davis. Frieze award-winner artist Award-winner Rachel Rose, Matthew Tsang, the Creative Director of the David Zwirner Gallery.

January 2022 - Present


Ya Yi – Designer

New York, United States

• Advising on all the visual elements included in the collection’s documentary, performance video, and book

• Defining and directing the project's visual identity to ensure the collection's visual uniformity across all platforms

July 2021 - Present


grgrysctt Studio – Studio Manager & Fashion Design Advisor

New York, United States

• Manage studio’s inventory

• Perform highly crafted and detailed-oriented cutting and patternmaking

• Lead the design team for the studio’s pattern-making book

August 2021 - Present


Ippodo Gallery – Fashion Designer

New York, United States

• Produced 75 unique pads to be used as a display for the ceremonial tea bowls

• Designed and created hand-tailored suits for Ippodo Gallery's CEO, Keiko Aono.

• Create custom orders for the gallery’s VIP clients

September 2021 - Present


Flair Chocolatier – Design and Style Consultant

New York, United States

• Advised the creative team on different set designs

• Shared his expertise in fashion to propose styles for the campaign’s lead model

• Oversaw all the styling outcomes and offered recommendations to the photographer, food stylist, makeup artist, hairstylist, and other crew members

• Worked with the photographer to suggest creative elements and compositions that would make the images appealing and pleasing

July 2021


The Row LLC – Fashion Designer/Production

New York, United States

• Executed RLM, SMS, SKU Boards, and Specs promptly

• Contributed to key FW 21 research and design

• Designed, made patterns/samples, and fitted FW 21 knits and sweaters closely with the team

• High photo editing efficiency and responsible for editing during styling meetings with Mary-Kate

• Assisted in styling and dressing during the annual buying meetings live to buyers and sales staffs

July 2020 – December 2020


Sho Konishi – Fashion Designer

New York, United States

• Finalized the collection design and styling

• Executed couture finishing on all garments in a deadline-oriented environment

• Assisted set up for runways/exhibitions in NY

September 2019 – October 2019


threeASFOUR – Fashion Designer

New York, United States

• Hand graded threeasfour Signature complex patterns

• Tailored stage outfits for Meredith Monk

• Made samples for the 2020 resort collection

• Assisted the photoshoot for the 2020 resort collection

• Last-minute tailoring and assisting before the runway

May 2019 – September 2019


Sohung Design – Cutter/Tailor

New York, United States

• Worked with the designer daily on cutting and construction (to meet daily production number)

• Developed 3D prototypes with the designer for upcoming collections

• Worked 1:1 with customers during personal fittings, IDPOP Event

June 2019 – August 2019


Vivienne Hu – Fashion Designer

New York, United States

• Designed various key looks for FW19

• Designed, sourced fabrics, pattern made, draped, and constructed a show-stopping gown

• Responsible of interns training

• Proposed and designed hoodies’ designs for sub-brand VHNY

February 2019 – April 2019


List of independent clients:


Eric Hu – Bespoke Hand Tailor

Matthew Jamal – Bespoke Hand Tailor

Jessica Dylan – Bespoke Hand Tailor




Vogue. Italy. 2021.

L’Officiel. Ukraine. 2021.

Vulkan Magazine. USA. 2021.

Contemporary Creative Practice Magazine. USA. March 2022.

Medium. March 2022. USA.

Artweek. March 2022. USA.




IDA International Design Awards Honorable Mention 2021

ARTSTHREAD Global Design Show 2021 in Collaboration with GUCCI

Joe's BlackBook Scholarship Men's Wear Finalist 2020





BFA Fashion Design, Parsons School of Design with Honors 2017-2021

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